software to decode APT and WEFAX signals from weather satellites

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Feature Comparison 
Freeware Edition 
Standard Edition [1]
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Professional Edition [1]
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Price [1] free download EUR 47.95
US$ 67.95
EUR 69.95
US$ 99.95
Decodes NOAA APT satellites Yes Yes Yes
Full-colour enhancements Yes Yes Yes
Real-time display of received data Yes Yes Yes
Web page publishing Yes  1 enhancement Yes  multiple enhancements,
customisable page
Yes  multiple enhancements,
customisable page
Temperature under cursor Yes Yes Yes
Composite images from multiple passes No Yes Yes
Precipitation overlays [2] No Yes Yes
Anaglyph 3-D enhancements No Yes Yes
On-image temperature scale No No Yes
Narrow-bandwidth receiver quality improvements No Yes Yes
Improved projection transformations [3] No Yes Yes
Additional contrast options No No Yes
Additional noise filter options No No Yes
Illumination sensor control [4] No No Yes
Animated movie creation No Yes Yes
Latitude, longitude, and distance readout No Yes Yes
Automatic recording-mode start No Yes Yes
Independent N,S,E,W recording controls No Yes Yes
Infomation text on images No Yes Yes
Choice of UTC or local time No UTC only Yes Yes
Receiver control support [5] limited Yes Yes
Rotor control support [6] No Yes Yes
GPS interface [7] No Yes Yes
Selectable resampling algorithms No No Yes
Commercial use license No No Yes
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[1]Prices do not include applicable taxes. Upgrade from Standard Edition to Professional Edition available for EUR 24.00 / US$ 35.00. Standard Edition license key required and registered name must be the same. [order professional edition for users with standard edition license]
[2]Estimated precipitation overlays do not function with narrow-bandwidth receivers.
[3]Adds more projections (including Mercator), and allows the bounds of projection to be set.
[4]Adds sophisticated control over which sensor is used for illumination with HVC and HVCT enhancements -- this allows, for instance, creating only HVCT enhancements when a good visible light image is available, or using the far-IR or mid-IR sensor image at night, or always using the far-IR sensor (day or night).
[5]Standard and professional editions support the control of AOR (AR3000, AR5000, AR8600, etc.), APT-06, APT-06AD, Baykal, Bearcat (BC895XLT, BC780XLT, BC785XLT, BC245XLT, etc.), Yaesu (FT-817, FT-847, FT-857, FT-897, VR-5000, etc.), Kenwood (TS-870S, etc.), ICOM (IC-PCR100, IC-PCR1000, IC-PCR1500, IC-PCR2500, IC-R7000, IC-R7100, IC-R8500, IC-R9000, IC-R9500, IC-R10, IC-R20, IC-706, IC-746, IC-7000, IC-910, etc.), PSR-500, R2F, R3F, F2FU, R2FX, R2ZX, RX2, Timestep PROscan with i-interface, SAN 200, WRX-137, and a user-supplied external control program. Includes doppler frequency compensation for most narrow-bandwidth receivers.
[6]Provides support for rotor controllers: CX6DD, DL7AOT, EA4TX (Windows only), EASYCOMM I, GS-232A, ERC-3D, ERC-R, LVB Tracker, RC2800, SAEBRTrack, SatDrive, Satellite Tracker Jr., and SPID Rot2Prog.
[7]Provides support to determine latitude and longitude with GPSes supporting NMEA2 output of RMC, GGA, or GLL sentences. Supports setting PC clock from GPS on Windows XP only.

Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.

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