software to decode APT and WEFAX signals from weather satellites

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Currently Active APT Satellites:

Satellites transmit between 137.10 and 137.9125 MHz FM using 30-40kHz bandwidth. WXtoImg will function with receivers using a bandwidth as low as 12kHz, but there will be some image degradation. Receiver sensitivity should ideally be about 0.2uV to 0.25uV. You will need a special antenna to receive the circularly polarised signals. Each satellite passes overhead several times a day for about 10-15 minutes. See File -> Satellite Pass List... in WXtoImg for a list of pass times for your location.
  • NOAA 15 on 137.6200 MHz FM is ON:
  • NOAA 16 on 137.6200 MHz FM is OFF: Decommissioned
  • NOAA 17 on 137.5000 MHz FM is OFF: Decommissioned
  • NOAA 18 on 137.9125 MHz FM is ON:
  • NOAA 19 on 137.1000 MHz FM is ON:

There are no working Russian APT satellites.

Additional Information:

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